directoapp was curated to help restructure independent service operations globally. We have worked strategically to implement a gateway to connect consumers to independent services. directoapp is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to connect more of the world without barriers. Our focus is to create a new, operative approach in the independent service space to conduct worldwide. directoapp - DRTP is our DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Token, on the Binance Smart Chain network.


Users worldwide will have the opportunity to interact on directoapp’s platform. directoapp offers independent services, connecting consumers to service providers seamlessly. directoapp enhances cross border payment transactions without intermediaries using Binance Smart Chain currency (BNB). It is our mission to create an ecosystem filled with crypto enthusiasts. directoapp will help the world, by opening an equal opportunity to offer services for all, no matter the location, to be under one currency.

Due to directoapp’s tools, users now have easy access to directly engage with one another through a more personable experience. Web3 blockchain technology allows seamless sign-in, connecting users wallets to process in app - web payment transactions. directoapp’s platform is based on protocol, allowing Nodes - Users to maintain complete anonymity when processing payment transactions.

Company Values

We believe in putting our first foot forward; one step at a time. We know our team is working towards a major advancement for the world. In doing so, we understand there will be some obstacles along the way. However, our team is patient, very understanding, and dedicated to solving each problem strategically. We want to ensure our project is a masterpiece in the making.


Our company understands that you are a huge part of our success and your voice matters to us. This process requires us to be very honest to create a very transparent project so that we can all benefit. We understand this is an important part of our journey and growth, and we value your feedback. Our Telegram group chat t.me/directoapp_web3 is to stay updated in real time with our progress.


Our UI/UX designs have been updated. We have begun the process to integrate our new designs and open marketplace. Our site is currently under update status but does link to our Wefunder campaign, contact information and telegram group chats. In addition, we are finalizing our usage based pricing options.


After restructuring our platform, we will organize routine testing to finalize our web3, wallet connectivity and usage based pricing details. directoapp has partnered with a third party company to audit our system to ensure efficient and security measures on the blockchain. Our marketing team will focus on onboarding new users. We plan to release new updates ending quarter 2 on to the Apple and Android app store along with our website.


Our focal point is to deliver a great platform. We want to hear feedback to ensure the best quality possible. Quarter 3 will be special and this is the start of our official process. We will possibly release our token. We are working on staking & farming to make sure all platform users earn interest on directoapp tokens. We are still in the works but it is a step forward.


To continue delivering great work!